What is GuARD?

GuARD is the Gentoo-based, user-friendly Antivirus and Rescue Disk. Gentoo is a source based linux distribution that offers vast possibilities for optimization and customization. This made it a perfect choice for this project.
GuARD is aimed to be an easy to use system/data rescue CD mainly for use with Windows systems. It is also designed to be light-weight, so it will run on pretty much anything, although currently only x86 amd amd64 (aka x86_64 or x64) based CPUs are supported, but other architectures will be added if a maintainer is found.


  • easy to use, thanks to graphical interfaces for command-line tools
  • lightweight
  • based on Gentoo Linux
  • graphical frontends for command-line tools
  • zsh as default shell
  • Automatic mounting of removable devices via uam
  • Antivirus program (ClamAV)
  • Recover accidently deleted files, either by name (ntfs only) or by type
  • Reset your windows password
  • Full partition editor (GParted)
  • Create and restore backups
  • Wipe a harddrive so it’s data cannot be recovered (useful if you want to resell it)
  • Check the health status of your drives with GSmartControl
  • Display the hardware installed in your system
  • Check your Memory (RAM) using memtest86+ (boot option)
  • A variety of tools to check your recovered files or get some work done in the meantime: