Python and Qt

It’s been quite a while since my last update. I have not been all lazy, though. A while back I mentioned a Windows Eventlog Viewer, well, the problem is Xdialog. Xdialog has not been the best solution for several tools, due to it’s simplistic nature requiring multiple dialogs for pretty much everything. For the Eventlog Viewer it does not work at all. It’s impossible to create a GUI with Xdialog that is not a major pain in the ass.

I looked around for alternatives that would allow me to create a sophisticated GUI-Tool without a steep learning curve. I looked at c/c++ with different GUI Libraries like Edje or GTK but neither of them fullfilled my needs. I wasn’t too happy with c/c++ either, since it’s been ages since I last coded something in one of those languages. Java might have been an option, but, in my opinion, it is too big to ship on a lightweight disk.

Long story short: I ended up with Python and Qt. The Qt GUI builder allows to create a nice form in a few minutes and Python is not hard to learn. Python also offers a few features that may prove useful. The problem there is that I never worked with either before, therefore I’m not actually working on the Eventlog Viewer right now, but I’m porting simpler tools to python.

Again, there is something to show. I already ported netsetup (a fews things are still missing), it now uses a single window which makes correcting errors a lot easier.
So, Here’s another before—after comparison (click to enlarge):



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